The hard truth…

In the following weeks we began ordering parts for the engine in hopes of getting it running. Unfortunately I'm a little bit bull headed. Once I had my mind set on getting the bus running, it was going to run no matter what lengths I had to go through to make it happen. We purchased a new set of gigantic batteries for the bus as well as fuel filters, new oil, and a plethora of tools to properly work on an maintain the bus. In the back of my mind I was worried that I was saving the worst for last. The engine had been in such great shape after removing the valve covers that I thought there was no way anything could be wrong with it. Wrong. If I had stuck to my plan and drained the oil first I would have found that there was an extensive amount of water in the engine. At last I couldn't ignore my gut feeling that something was wrong. I removed the vacuum hose off of the massive air plenum that feeds the blower; water poured from the vacuum line. I unbolted the plenum from the air filter and removed it from the engine bay. I drained what must have been at least a gallon and a half of water from the plenum. How had it gotten there? I didn't see any possible way unless of course the oil bath air filter was full of water… The oil bath filter has a V-Band style flange at the bottom which allows you to service the oil. I cracked the flange loose and my worst nightmare was confirmed. Gallon upon gallon of water poured out of the filter.

Here is a short clip of the air filter (about the size of a 5gal bucket) draining water.

After tracking the source of the leak we found that water had been coming into the bus from the broken rear window which eventually found its way down to the compartment where the air filter breathes from. Finding all of this definitely took the wind out of our sails, but the worst was yet to come.


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